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By Us For You (2022) 

Danni was invited to run a workshop with a group of girls to explore objects of safety. In this workshop Danni worked with paper mache to facilitate the group making casts of their hands. This work was about  to deconstruct what protection and self-preservation looks like

This guide includes contributions and stories from people who took part in the workshops and some photographs of them which you will find interwoven with other content.
There are written pieces by local creatives; an instructional guide to practical survival skills written by Ali Baskerville and Fatima Ben; resources from local community organisations; and hand-drawn illustrations by Byng.

Themes in people’s stories range from the empowering daily practice of creativity (gardening, art and craft making, cooking), freedom found through sexual expression and the importance of self-love, boundaries and time for yourself. Many times, people spoke of how they found power, safety and healing in community, in the support of friends and family.

Read the guide here

Next Gen (2021)

Danni, as part of the ROAAAR leadership team (steered by Alison Baskerville) collaborated on creating space for a new generation of inclusive, diverse safety trainers.

The journalism community is becoming increasingly diverse, yet the vast majority of security advisers and trainers are cisgender, white men. Recognizing this disparity, the IWMF is partnering with ROAAAR to train a new generation of inclusive, diverse safety trainers. Together, we are training a cohort of women and nonbinary people* in the U.S. throughout 2021, to improve the model for newsroom safety management.

Boarders without Borders (2017)

BWB was an approach to using sports as a tool for social change. Since 2017, to engage more communities with outdoor adventure sports for womxn of colour  to support their well-being, increase social cohesion and improve access (including financial) to such activities. As a result, boarders without Borders was born. 

Danni was the head coach along with four other coaches that taught girls, womxn + non binary to Longboard over 6 weeks for three Summers in Birmingham.


In The Pink (2018)

Danni was invited to share a piece of writing as  part of Sean Burns' reimagining of In The Pink.

In The Pink is a free LGBTQ+ newspaper edited by Sean Burns and supported by SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts and Culture and Grand Union. Between 1986 and 1990, In The Pink was published monthly at the Trade Union Resource Centre in Digbeth and distributed to groups, pubs, and clubs around the West Midlands. The paper's content varied from interviews and listings to more political articles, thought pieces and health advice. 

The November 2018 issue of In The Pink references the original paper, inviting a new group of voices to reflect on Birmingham in the 1980s, share personal and collective histories and discuss some of the matters facing LGBTQ+ people in the region today. In The Pink was launched on 2nd November at Digbeth First Friday at Grand Union, with copies available across the West Midlands throughout November. 

Photograph: Jack Spicer Adams
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